D A T A - F A C T O R Y

Data Collection

More than Solutions

We provide customers with strong support services in a wide range of AI, data science, speech recognition, machine learning, and self-driving projects. We provide high-quality data collection, data annotation and data cleaning services from audio and video to picture text.

Text Data

    Do you need an experienced partner
    who can quickly collect text data in
    various environments while maintaining
    the highest level of quality.
    Used to train chatbots to
    perform automated customer service data
    and sentiment analysis,
    while at the same time to
    understand the positive and negative
    reviews of the brand or product.

Image&Video Data

    For computer vision,
    we providing high-quality
    data is our mission.
    Through our global resources
    to provide you
    with customized data sets,
    through small differences in data.
    make sure that your system can
    correctly interpret these differences.

Audio Data

    ASR need large quantities of
    high-quality language data.
    At the same time,
    we meet the collection needs of
    different scenarios Make sure
    your system can understand
    human conversation normally
    in various environments.
    With our global resources,
    we provides voice data
    in 60 languages for your AI system.

Global Experience

More than 60 languages,nearly 300,000 people collection experience Resources all over the world.


All data is collected in accordance with legal standards that comply with GDPR and other data security requirements.

High-Quality Results

Through annotation specifications, we can provide high-quality data efficiently and consistently.

Our Work Process

Simple & clean work process


Understand Your Demands

Through end-to-end services, we formulate different specifications according to customer needs, We ensure that high quality data is collected in a way that is tailored to your project.


Collect the Data

We collect demand data.


Process the Data

Lexicon Making,Data annotation.