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Data Annotation

More than Solutions

High-quality data annotation is very important for training any AI/ML model successfully. From text, to video, to audio, to create accurate models. We provide for any labeling needs no matter it's annotation, transcription, or translation .

Audio Annotation

  • TTS Transcription
  • Single-person annotation and transcription
  • Multi-person annotation and transcription
  • Voice cutting
  • ASR annotation

Text Annotation

  • Named entity annotation
  • Semantic analysis
  • Text summarization
  • Word segmentation
  • Machine translation


  • 3D point cloud annotation
  • OCR
  • Key point annotation

Target segmentation

  • Road segmentation
  • Clothing segmentation
  • Panorama segmentation
  • Semantic segmentation

Our Work Process

Simple & clean work process


Understand Your Demands

We will deeply understand what you need.


Collect the Data

We collect demand data.


Process the Data

Lexicon Making,Data annotation.