D A T A - F A C T O R Y


About Company

Our mission is to bring the power of AI training services to every business

We are a data collection and annotation company in Denmark. We have served in the field of artificial intelligence for many years, providing data collection and annotation services for it. We provide customers with strong support services in a wide range of AI, data science, speech recognition, machine learning, and self-driving car projects. We provide high-quality data collection, data annotation and data cleaning services from audio and video to picture text. We have rich experience in Chatbot training, Ai training, data collection, classification, transcription, labeling, image annotation, product classification, sentiment analysis, etc.

Global Experience

We collect and annotation nearly 60 languages around the world.Completed nearly 300,000 people collections,more than 80,000 hours of annotation experience

Benefits of Us

All data is collected in accordance with legal standards that comply with GDPR and other data security requirements.At the same time we provide end-to-end service.We can provide with the safest, fastest and highest quality AI training data.